Some Benefits of Ceiling Cleaning

Improves Appearance:  The light reflecting properties are restored to the tile which results in a brightening of the whole room.

Saves Money:  Ceilings can be cleaned for 1/3 the cost of painting, and less than 1/5 the cost of replacement.  also, ceilings can be cleaned many times.  They can now be expected to last the life of the building.

Less Disruptive of Business:  Cleaning can be done after hours with no interruption of business.  A 2000 sqare foot ceiling can be cleaned in as little as 1 hour whereas it would take 3 working days to replace.  Also, no lingering odor or mess is left behind as with painting. 

Does Not Destroy Acoustical Value:  Cleaning actually improves the acoustical value of dirty tiles by removing dirt from the pores.  Painting destroys the acoustical value by sealing the porous surface of the tile. 

Does Not Alter Fire Rating:  Painting can nullify special fire ratings on commercial ceiling tiles.  Instead of retarding the spread of flames, paint can actually spread them.

Disinfects and Deodorizes:  Odors and bacteria trapped in dirty tiles are neutralized by Acoustical Ceiling Savers' Ceiltech formula.

Takes Less Time Than Other Methods:  Time is money.