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We are the experts with the skills and knowledge to professionally Clean, Sanitize and Restore Acoustical Ceiling Tiles.

Ceilings and walls trap odors, smoke, oils, grease, films, nicotine, dust mites, allergens, and many more pollutants.  Dirty ceilings will reduce the amount of reflected light by as much as 20% and create an unhealthy environment.

Instead of replacing tiles, let Acoustical Ceiling Savers Clean and Sanitize them.  Our comprehensive method penetrates the tile, releasing dirt and odors.  We work after hours so there is no disruption of business. 

The Acoustical Ceiling Savers system is revolutionizing the care and maintenance of acoustical tile in business, industry, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, or wherever acoustical ceiling tiles are found.  Our system improves air quiality, light reflectance, and flame resistance.  When our expert technicians clean your ceiling, you get some great bonuses!  No down time, more light, safety, and a clean fresh environment.

The Acoustical Ceiling Savers cleaning solution is a biodegradable, non-toxic, nonflammable detergent based solution which is safe for use around carpet, draperies, and upholstered furniture. 

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